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The European Network on Teaching Excellence (E-NOTE) is a project funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership framework. The project brings together university managers, teaching faculty, support staff, PhD supervisors, students and education experts to advance exchanges and best practices in relation to “teaching excellence”. The project examines “teaching excellence” at undergraduate and graduate teaching levels as well as in the context of PhD supervision. In addition, the project addresses core issues related to teaching excellence in the post-Covid19 context, including best practices in physical, online and hybrid teaching realms. E-NOTE will organize trainings and workshops, will release a wide range of reports and seeks to prepare a blueprint for a European Certificate of Teaching Excellence (ECTE).

Research on Teaching Excellence

The European Network on Teaching Excellence will conduct extensive surveys across the European Union Higher Education area, carry out desk research and comprehensive analyses regarding the implementation, promotion and evaluation of teaching excellence. The different ‘Intellectual Outputs’ will contribute to the design of training curricula, a best practice manual, and a blueprint for a European Certificate of Teaching Excellence (ECTE).


E-NOTE will deliver four comprehensive 5-day trainings focusing on effective practices for training teaching excellence in higher education, the creation of a European curriculum for training doctoral supervisors and enhance the quality of doctoral students’ research experience, how to incorporate excellence schemes into a sustainable and university-wide continuing professional development strategy and on how to create the right institutional and pedagogical environment for advancing excellent PhD supervision and mentoring.

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