E-NOTE Policy Expert Meeting in Brussels

The European Network on Teaching Excellence (E-NOTE) organised in October two policy events, one hosted by the Czech Senate in Prague, and a follow-up event hosted in Brussels by the Global Governance Institute, one of the E-NOTE consortium partners. The Brussels event focused on “Europe’s Role in Advancing Teaching Excellence”, and consisted of two sessions: a presentation “Towards a European Certificate of Teaching Excellence” given by the project’s principal investigator, Prof. Joachim Koops (Leiden University). The presentation was followed by a panel session with Prof. Jan Eggermont, the Chair of the Education Council of KU Leuven and a member of the Coimbra Group Education Innovation Working Group, Horia Onita, Vice-President of the European Students’ Union, and Emmanuelle Gardan, Director of the Coimbra Group Office.

This event was held in conjunction with the project’s 5th transnational meeting hosted in Brussels, at the Global Governance Institute.

The full programme of the event can be accessed below.