About the Training

The European Network on Teaching Excellence invites applications from interested Academic Staff to participate in a five-day intensive training on PhD supervision excellence. The Training is organised under the auspices of the Erasmus + Strategic Partnership project E-NOTE and will be hosted by the Charles University in cooperation with the Universities of Leiden, Coimbra and Copenhagen. The event will take place online between 20 June 2022 and 24 June 2022 and participants have the flexibility of choosing from the various programme panels. The focus of the training will be on innovative and effective practices for training supervision excellence in higher education. The event is organised to benefit university management staff, higher education learning and development professionals and teaching staff participating in PhD supervision. The objective of the event is to showcase good case studies of excellence training, including programme composition and context and evaluation of excellent supervision and allow participants to gain hands-on experience through practical workshops.

Selection Criteria

Candidates will be selected based on their professional background and motivation to participate to the event to ensure a diverse group of participants. Participants who followed at least one complete day of training will receive an attendance certificate.

Deadline - 24.05.2022 - 24:00

Apply by 24th May 2022 (midnight, 24:00 CEST) through this online form. Applicants can expect a response with regards to their application within 14 days (by 7th June 2022).

Learning objectives

MONDAY | 20th June 2022

Excellence in PhD programmes

The first day of the programme is structured around the concept of excellence in PhD programmes and supervision. What is excellent supervision? What is an excellent PhD programme? How is excellence reflected in the construction in a PhD programme – its scope, infrastructure and students’ obligations?

TUESDAY | 21st June 2022

Well-being and mental health of the PhD programme

The second day touches upon the well-being and mental health of PhD studies and the role of the university. How to cater for mental health of PhD students? How to ensure diversity in the PhD programmes? What is the social status of the PhD students? How are PhD students funded?
WEDNESDAY | 22nd June 2022

Supporting career development of PhD students

The third day of training will focus on career development and discuss the skills and knowledge that PhD students should acquire during their studies to prepare them for different career paths. What skills should PhD students acquire and how? Should the programme prepare for academic career or non-academic career? What are good practices? What is the role of the supervisor?

THURSDAY | 23rd June 2022

Excellent supervision practice

During the fourth day of the training, participants will focus on the supervisors and their role in the PhD programme. What is the role of the supervisor in PhD student’s research and beyond? How to monitor progress? How to provide feedback? Supervisor-expert vs. supervisor-generalist? How to link the PhD student’s research to the broader research focus of the workplace?

FRIDAY | 24th June 2022

Training excellent supervisors

The concluding day of the programme will provide room to discuss the training of supervisors and how to ensure their excellent quality. What qualifications should supervisors need? How to train supervisors? How to evaluate supervisors? How to recognise and reward excellent supervisors?