A fundamental ambition in the process of moving towards a genuine European Higher Education Area must be going beyond student and staff mobilities, or the mutual recognition of study credits by universities, and include a shared minimum understanding of the core elements of teaching excellence. These core elements can serve as a foundation for common teaching standards and best practices, and  help increase collective understanding, removes access barriers, reduce fragmentation, and tackle existing inefficiencies in the higher education labour market.

 This study seeks to shed light into how universities and national authorities define, train, promote and reward ‘teaching excellence’, and to map out the extent to which different universities and national authorities follow standardised teaching qualification schemes or not. This foundational research study will provide a comprehensive mapping of these aspects in order to inform – in the next steps – the identification of best practices (IO3) and the development of a common curriculum (IO2).

The result of this large-scale mapping exercise is the Comprehensive  Report on Defining, Measuring, Promoting and Rewarding “Teaching Excellence” across Europe.