We have developed a self-paced online course consisting of short six learning modules using asynchronous learning methods and the project's outputs as foundation.  The course ‘Teaching Excellence Foundations’ will consist of six building blocks, or modules. Each unit will have a particular thematic focus.

Module 1: ‘Mapping teaching excellence: core concepts and definitions’

Module 2: ‘Pillars for excellence: best practices on training, promoting and rewarding excellence’

Module 3: ‘Fostering an academic culture that promotes excellence’

Module 4:  ’The role of national policies in supporting excellence in teaching and mentoring’

Module 5:  ’European approaches to teaching excellence in the context of the European Education Area’

Module 6: Nurturing Excellence Mindsets: blueprint, self-assessment tool and network’  

The course material and complementary readings take around five hours to complete.

The course can be accessed for free via the Clasrroom platform (*a Google account is required)